Wednesday, April 14, 2010

spring updates!

we have been in such a flurry of work activity! residency at the museum of glass, moisture festival performances, residencies at homestead school and chautauqua elementary AND rehearsing our buns off for a bunch of shows at the chicago humanities festival. we ship our equipment in a week!!

here's a recent tv spot link....only up til the beginning of may:

here are some features on lelavision:

and here is an update on the camino seguro school in guatemala and our sponsored students there!

we got a computer donation from the evergreen school, thanks to julio bustamante, the spanish language teacher there.
his 8th grade spanish students are pen pal-ing with our sponsored 6th grade class in guatemala. this computer donation with camera and skype capability will allow the students at camino seguro to have video chats with their sponsors as opposed to the current method of communication....3 weeks to receive a letter, 3 more weeks to reply via postal service.
also, this donation will assist the students in learning more about using computers. we hope to get more laptop donations.
...currently students share a small number of computers. most of them just use the "word" program.

we've coordinated numerous pen pals for the sponsored classes and individual students. here is a shout out of gratitude to them!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Debby Gouge Wood and her students- Hull Sanford Elementary ( Athens, GA)
Kristine Stoneberg and her students - TOPS (Seattle, WA)
Julio Bustamante and his students - Evergreen school (Seattle, WA)
Moving in the Spirit Apprentice Corporation -
Randi Williams, Iza Gutin, Aaliisha Shabazz, Tenesia Benson, Kacey Harbison, Juana Farfan (Atl, GA)
Lovorkah Hamilton
Laura Trevellyan
Vernon Trevellyan
Ruth Adams

special thanks to the Vashon Community Care Center. the residents there made and sold honey buns to the other residents in order to sponsor a student. they will continue to make and sell them periodically to continue their support!
here is a recent photo of the most of the students:

vashon artist, anne moses will be creating a video on crocheting plastic bags for the women's literacy program at the school. there are so many plastic bags at the dump in guatemala, the literacy program director is jazzed to figure out a cool use for them! .....something the ladies may be able to sell for income instead of working at the dump. more on that later.
finally, we will be doing a benefit workshop in chicago during our run of shows at the chicago humanities festival.
our shows begin may 6th to may 16th. check out the schedule of shows ("physical music" and our science art collab, "the accumulation of change")

here are details of the workshop next. if you are in the area come over or send friends!!

Exploring healthy communities through science and play.
An intergenerational workshop of movement, music and art making
Thursday, May 13
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Ravenswood Presbyterian Church 4300 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago

Could it be that the characteristics that create healthy molecular and cellular bodies are the same characteristics that create healthy individual and communal bodies? Participants will explore the idea of well functioning bodies micro and macro through movement, art, music making and science. Emory Biochemist, Dr David Lynn will join in with fun and informative stories and visuals. Then using improvisational movement games, model building and instrument making, Lelavision’s collaborators, Ela Lambin and Leah Mann, will facilitate playful analogies and examples of emergent formations, supportive environments, and collaboration. Lelavision is PLAY to the third power (playing with sound + playing on sculpture + playing through space). They weave movement, sculpture and sound to astonishing results. Inspired by biochemist Dr. David Lynn, the company has recently created work based in the chemical origins of life, assembly of matter, and the theory of evolution. Come play with artists who push the edges of the term interdisciplinary.

Cost: $10 ages 13 and up/$5 for children ages 8-12 with a paying adult
Aportion of the proceeds will go to Carmino Seguro School in Guatemala
Register by May 1 and receive a 25% discount!:
Contact Jane Siarny (630) 674-8891
For directions contact:

This workshop is sponsored by InterPlay Chicago and Body Wisdom Inc. in conjunction with the Chicago Humanities Festival Stages, Sights & Sounds. Lelavision Physical Music performs in Chicago May 6-16. For information contact The views expressed in this workshop are not necessarily those of Ravenswood Presbyterian Church. InterPlay® inspires individuals and communities to foster creativity, build community and promote change through the art of PLAY.