Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"what is rich?" ....happiness?!! ....satisfaction?!! being here in guatemala city with the "huajerros" has us thinking about this. 80% of the workers in the guatemala city dump are women supporting their families. we have 3 sponsored teenagers whose mom´s do this challenging work to support up to 9 children. they all live in small shacks of wood poles with metal or plastic placed on top, on land which they are squatting, crowded with their siblings and with thousands of other people packed in running water. yesterday we took these hopefilled teens to macdonald´s (their choice) for the first time. they graciously tried to interpret our spanish and they practiced their english beautifully. and they told us their hopes. we are inspired by their tenacity and determination. they get themselves to school, they self motivate to study, they are raising themselves and often caring for their siblings while their moms work incredibly hard to bring anything to the dinner table. they are even inspiring their moms to learn to participate in the literacy program. with every odd stacked against them they still dream of being a mechanic or stewardess or architect. ....and they walked home after school with the bag of food we gifted them hoping not to be robbed of it so they could share it with their families.


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