Sunday, June 21, 2009

touring and talking toys

en route to the airport at 4 am, AGAIN, i sent up some prayers for guidance during our toronto stint of rehearsals and shows. kairos was sleeping in the car seat....we dressed her the night before so she was ready to go.
somehow one of her talking books was bumped. in the quiet of the morning it stated: find the big circle. find the little star.
where is the triangle (try angle). funny how answers come sometimes.
the words were a prompt to immerse myself in the community gathering to muster the show.
to find the angle for best wishes and minimal diva-hood.
and to keep trying, keep trying, keep trying as we improvised and animated the lake ontario shoreline on the structures
comprised of triangles....2 bucky fuller domes.
these were important prompts amid our 12 hr rehearsal and performance days. but the result was certainly greater than the sum of the parts of the participants. 10,000 people acting as one, clapping and cheering in unity! may there be more of this...more people unified in joy!

here are some recent art pieces and pics from along the way:
new glass by leah, nifty gate by ela, kairos doing an aria in portland for the acoustical society of america.


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