Saturday, December 26, 2009

so we have continued our fun raising for camino seguro with holy day presents....through the month of january to usher in the this time of the heart! they are made by our family and our friends from mandala design works and luma fused glass. so far we will sponsor 3 classrooms of students and 2 teenagers soon to graduate. more donations are still coming in and an organization has chosen camino seguro for matching funds up to 100 for any new donor. so, most of the donations we've sent in will be doubled!!! here is the link to the "give blog" then photos of our art sale still in progress. you can follow the link to our website where you can still buy/donate any of these items for a good cause!!

....coming next, i'll post pictures of some of the students we'll sponsor and some of their stateside pen pals. happy new year!

go to lelavision's site to donate to the cause!!


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