Saturday, August 13, 2011

peace hope songs

jolted out of blogger complacency to do a post after way too long.

peace and hope songs!!! focused radiation prayer of miraculous possibility!! change, evolve, balance!!!

ela is just back from japan. he performed in the japan international children's festival.
nuclear energy is thus on our minds.
highly recommend anything by helen caldicott

we are heading to atlanta in a week and a half to participate in the elevate art above underground atlanta.
we will have the honor of performing in the opening gala and ela is creating a totally rocking installation that will be up from august 26-all souls/all saints 2011. the exhibit will be our lelavision analogy for artificial photosynthesis. we're collaborating with the emory university bio inspired renewable energy lab and the center for chemical evolution / nasa / national science foundation.

here's the blog on the festival:

then we do some "secret" corporate party stuff before we head to this festival in germany:

finally i love the idea of give to get, get to give. here is a shoe company that gives a pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair sold! love it love!!

somalia, sudan, afghanistan, iraq, palestine, israel, libya, pakistan....on my mind

blessings from the lelavisionaries


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