Thursday, February 26, 2009

GEL / art science / scrappy glass

lelavision had the honor of presenting at this conference in NYC, Times Square (fun!)
it rocked our world. totally inspiring.
here is our video:
here is the general site for the conference:
we just finished a residency at emory university with:
biochemist, david lynn, who is studying the chemical origins of life at emory & ga tech
reproductive biologist, anna edlund, who studies pollen at spelman
biomechanician, steven vogel, who founded the field of biomechanics at duke
biochemist, arri eisen, who heads the college of science and society at emory

this is what our steel drums look like for the pollen piece:

we'll premiere vogel's piece in our barn on march 28th at 7pm! catapulting action in nature!
we'll be throwing alot of stuff!

we did a show at oxford college of emory. here is a blogged review by a chemist:
here's kairos and i rehearsing on the rumitone:


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