Wednesday, March 25, 2009

musico ballistica

spiff article just out on lelavision's new project

Dr Vogel’s lecture deals with the mechanics of ballistics via plants, insects, animals and humans. Physics doesn’t judge but studies this action, which spreads seeds, propels bullets and balls, helps fetch dinner or wreaks devastation. In this collaboration with Dr Vogel, Lelavision is playing with both the physics of the ballistic action and the use of the force. We have been examining the motivations for throwing things, noticing the through-line in our human use - from play to competition to war. We continue to ponder what it would take for humans to further evolve to use their inventiveness for the good of all not just the empowering of a few. We look with awe at the evolutionary trait of ballistics for the purpose of survival, and we look with curiosity at the human tendency to turn this same creativity into a destructive force. Do you know of any other creature that is willing to annihilate it’s own on such a grand scale? Be part of the solution for human evolution.

This performance is a part of the “Propagation Project” a series of collaborations between Lelavision and 8 scientists from across the United States under the broad theme of propagation. The idea is the brainchild of scientific illustrator, Nancy Lowe, who brought Lelavision together with the scientists for the purpose of making science more accessible to the general public. It is being created under the umbrella of the Program in Science and Society at Emory University.

new scrappy dance glass:

kairos just turned one! she's spun once around the sun!! here are pics of her on musical swing and under ballista...elements of our new show:


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