Monday, July 23, 2007

tell me something good

okay! finally transformed the traveling wings for their next journey. am sending them to the northeast.
to represent all the kindergarteners who put hearts on it, i added a wire heart.
to represent all the girls scouts that put flowers on it, i added a wire flower shape.
bobbles were also added from a full moon ladies night gathering here on vashon.
on these support shapes, many more bobbles can be added.

here are the wings on our reindear staff.

in addition, if you feel like participating in this project of focusing on the good within instead of the opposite, i'll send you the all new axis underwear ensemble.
i've decided to make t-shirts and mini shorts to go along with this project. in honor of duality and the need for balance therein. the ensemble is in pastel pink with silver glitter lettering. on the front of the tee is "the axis of oh MY goodness" and a heart. on the bum of the shorts is printed "asses of evil". don't beware of the axis of evil, be aware of the asses of evil!
pictures forthcoming of the outfit.

to get your ensemble:
1) "tell me something good" - this would be a story of goodness, a feel good practice, links to sites that inspires, your art, community events, etc.
2) send me a digital picture of you or the subject of your "tell me something good" contribution.

this is, of course, a limited offer. maybe at a later date i'll make some even better tee's and shorts for purchase. let me know if you are interested in that!

so here are some good things. these make me smile:


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