Wednesday, March 07, 2007

the psyche project - axis of oh MY goodness

leaving the cage i decided i needed to make some traveling wings back in december. i have since been waiting for the right moment to launch them....the right flow of air currents or thoughts to set them in flight.

i was longing to have a means to notice and celebrate goodness in people, to make inspiring connections and to be part of a
shift in the cultural psyche toward empowerment in the face of "current" events, somehow in communion.

current: flow of energy, flow of events, flow of elements

did you know that sound is merely a vibration of air, creating currents that flow to our ears, vibrating hammer, anvil, stirrup, and ear drum, morphing sound waves to static eletricity as the waves rub on the ear's hair follicles, and sending that air turned to electrical impulses to our brain?

it is miraculous and natural to change energy, ie food, fuel body, well-being - simple miraculous.

i recently read in the dec 2006 resurgence magazine that for the greeks, the word "psyche" means both butterfly and soul.
i started reflecting on the miracle of metamorphosis while the radio was saying something about the "axis of evil".
i laughed thinking it would be great to morph that idea by making a group called the "axis of oh MY goodness",
a club where folks acknowledge and cultivate their highest heart and encourage that in others.

i am so tired of rumors, leaks and propaganda all of fear and i am sad with the reality of death, war, violent crime, and corruption. tell me stories of change, healing, serendipity, kindness, brilliance and love love love overcoming to bring balance.

i read this poem recently called, faggots of song, by john moat. in it he says "the starlings are back, famished, living on rumours, on what they whisper."

where does the resurgence of joy, collective joy, start? a little whisper, a little rumor that changes the sound of fear to the sound of bravery, hardwiring that into our brains.

so here it is this little current, humble and powerful, that i hope will resonate with you.

i'm sending these wings out with this note:
Dear Friend,
Enclosed is a traveling communal art project. The outer work of the project is to participate in making/decorating the butterfly wings. The word “butterfly” also refers to “psyche” in the Greek language. With that in mind, the inner work of the project creates an opportunity for participants to focus on the goodness in themselves and humanity –
to morph and transform fixations on “fear” and “evil” in a metamorphosis of the individual and collective psyche.
1) “Write” love on these wings by adding something to the frame. (wire enclosed)
2) Wear them, dance with them, fly them around, animate them in someway, just for the fun of it!
3) Take a picture
4) “Tell me something good” about yourself, your life, your community, etc.”
5) Send me the digital picture with your reply to step #4.
6) Send the love (butterfly wings infused with thoughts of goodness) around the world. (Or at least to the next participant on the list enclosed. Please do that in a timely manner!)
Completing these tasks will make you an honorary member of the Axis of oh MY goodness whose sole mission is to transform the collective psyche from fear and evil to the good that is now and is possible for our future. If there is a law of attraction (you get what you think and focus upon) then dedicated members of the Axis of oh My goodness will change the world, one whisper at a time, creating a new butterfly effect on the planet.

email me if you want them sent in your direction!

axis of goodness asks us of goodness
evil backwards is live
axis backwards is not bass ackward
but six a
six a live to change the evil axis.

so....i'm hoping for these wings to land in at least six places on the planet.

it just takes a breath, a little ripple, a whisper to begin.



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