Tuesday, March 06, 2007

year of the pig

decided i'd post this update....still in a blur of activity and have been waiting for kairos the perfect time to send out my wing project. but that will be the next post. til then highly recommend the book, dancing in the streets, by barbara ehrenreich!
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Happy 2007!
The year was a blur of activity!
In addition to touring and premiering a new show, Ela has designed and is building a house! This is a lifelong dream for Ela and will continue to be lifelong entertainment for him to embellish aspects of our 5 acre property.
The house should be done in a month or so....at least done with inspections!

(These are from a few months back - our radiant heat floor and the bathroom tile going in.)
It will be lifelong entertainment to continue work on the homestead we are calling, "The Love Shack" (after the B'52's dance tune). But the "Ela BuiltTough" structure is definitely no shack, withstanding the 80 mile per hour winds that blew through the northwest last week, re-landscaping our property. We had 5 huge madrone trees totally uproot in addition to about 10 other firs and alders! We are thinking of milling them for the next building project - the sound recording studio!

We were without power for a full week....It went off while we were watching "An Inconvenient Truth". The light returned on Solstice though we were thoroughly "de- lighted" to have had such simplified holy days!

That is what we are wishing you for the new year - simple moments of ease infused with gratitude for life.
We also wish you wild enthusiasm about the little things....playing with leaves, skipping down the street, holding the hand of a loved one and running against the wind with arms outstretched!

Peace in and out!
Ela and Leah


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