Sunday, April 08, 2007

joy in join the new axis

the axis of evil is defined as a regime that sponsors terror. thus i came up with the idea to create the axis of oh MY goodness in response to the notion of an axis of evil. the axis of oh MY goodness is a new regime that sponsors joy. joy transforms in beautiful ways. this "regime" is not a government but a practice of health, a systematic plan for regime/ healing regime.

(please see blog titled "psyche project" below to read more about the motivations for this new axis.)

the wings went first to the williams family in portland oregon. my friend amy and her daughters, abby and millie added to the wings and sent them on to north carolina to a first grade class.

in response to the prompt, "tell me something good", amy replied:
I love to see my daughters developing who they are right before my very eyes.
I love that I am finding a stronger community of women.
I love that I am feeling more sure about that life purpose can shift and morph over time.
I love that I can look at my husband across the room and he can still make me swoon.

they added hello kitty, some bells, a few dangly bobbles, glass flowers and some clip on earrings as a symbolic action to join (joy in) the axis of oh MY goodness!

more members to be posted soon!


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