Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it always feels like a new beginning, whenever i get snowed in.
in the past getting snowed in has marked new relationships.
this is the second day of snow here on the island. more coming tonight. sometimes i feel like the novelty of living in a yurt on an island has definitely worn off. but this morning after our pipes burst, i scraped snow from the porch and melted it on the heat stove to wash the dishes, everything simplified and real - heat, water, manditory vacation.

i have just finally solved a challenge with my blog in which i could not add entries or edit. it has given me time to consider what this blog is about and what it adds to my life and the world, if anything. at the same time we (lelavision physical music) are in dialogue with scientist from duke university about a collaboration. we've been talking about time, scale and locomotion. it all seems to relate.

seems this snow will mark a new relationship to my blogging.
during lelavision'srecent premiere and tour on the east coast i kept up with my angel making via
collaged and doodled benevolent beings in my journal. since we have landed back on the island, i have been longing to do projects of a larger scale. i have a project resonating in my head like the snowflakes softly and musically tinking on the dome of the yurt....a traveling angel project.

so here is today's benevolent being of copper wire and found feathers. i am planning to launch the new benevolence project that travels the world on solstice. ....stay tuned!


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