Saturday, May 27, 2006


we've been performing in canada recently. some of the inspiring artists we worked with were: michel lauziere and robert munsch . michel is the performer who among other things performs classical music on bike horns attached to his body. a video was passed around on the internet of him a while back. robert is an author (love you always and paperbag princess). both artists have the stunning ability to inspire and bring delight to folks of every age and background. this skill is particularly inspiring to me. such a mysterious, magical and needed skill!! anyway, check out their sites!

it was really fun to create spontaneous angels each day with materials at hand - the confetti from the sacred arts troupe from manipur (india), rubber bands from the punching balloons that serve as the compressed air for our boat shaped harmonium, shells and glass from stanley park near our performance site, etc, etc.

along with manifesting some benevolent beings, i have been thinking this site warrents inspiring stories, which is another passion of mine...collecting inspiration.

here's a fun one i heard the other day: a friend of mine's mom has to get her nose removed due to cancer. in the wild and disfunctional system of western medicine, her mom's insurance doesn't cover the outlandishly expensive consultation to get a prosthetic nose....but it will cover the creation and fitting of the nose. the one part can't happen without the other. after weeks of trying to find a loop hole so her mom would not go into debt (re: long dead end phone calls with the systems that be), she realized she had the skills to outsmart the system. she called the doctor and asked if what he needed for the consultation was basically a cast of her mom's face. (my friend is a costume designer and visual artist and has made many a mask.) the doctor was totally taken aback and then just began laughing and laughing and laughing. yes, that just happens to be all that is required for the doctor to make her a new nose!!! she will cast her mom's face and her mom's new nose will be ready for her right after her surgery! my friend says this is just the "artist's way".


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